A Few Reasons Asset Building is Good for Everyone


Having more assets can help children and teenagers….

·        Cope and adapt when difficult things happen;

·        Choose not to get involved in many different high-risk behaviors, such as alcohol and other drug use, violence, and premature sexual activity;

·        Develop the attitudes, skills, and abilities they need to be good friends, family members, citizens, workers, leaders, and contributors to society.


A focus on building assets helps families with children and teenagers….

·        Set prorates for how they spend their time together;

·        Focus on building strengths before problems arise;

·        Remember to pay attention to many different areas of a child’s growth.


When adults of all ages get involved in asset building, they…

·        Develop new and lasting friendships with young people;

·        Do something positive to address their interests and concerns about their community;

·        Leave a positive mark on the lives of kids in their community.


Getting involved in asset building helps businesses and other organizations because…

·        It supports employees in both their parenting and their community involvement;

·        Young people with more assets will be prepared for the workplace;

·        It’s one way a business or organization can show its commitment to the community.


Asset building helps communities and society because…….

·        Building strengths in children, youth, and families makes the community stronger,

·        A community committed to supporting young people can attract new residents who are looking for a good place to raise children;

·        The positive focus of asset building “rubs off” on all parts of community life, making everyone involved feel more positive and connected.


Real-Asset Building

One summer day, Jeff Roy was working in his yard in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, when he heard teenagers walking down the alley, shouting and using foul language. Rather than ignoring them, he called out: “Hey! In THIS neighborhood, we don’t talk that way.” The kids were taken by surprise, but they stopped!


For more information about asset building and Healthy Communities/Healthy Youth, contact Lori Johnson, Tama County Empowerment Coordinator, Tama County Public Health and Home Care, at (641) 484-4788 or 1-866-484-4788.