Encourage your Child to Listen
to and use Language to Express Ideas.



Take time each day to listen and talk to your child.


Use pictures to encourage your child to express ideas.


Involve your child in actives which require listening and following directions.

o       Put the ball under your chin.

o       Put the ball up in the air and then down on the floor.

o       Let your child tell you some things to do with the ball.  Encourage him or her to use words such as under, over, behind, in front of, beside,

      on top of, etc.


Read or tell stories which have characters of different sizes.


Additional Ideas:

Go through your family photo album with your child.  Find photos that show recent family events that you and your child attended together; events such as the county fair, a church picnic or a family trip.  Encourage your child to talk about the people who were there and the things that happened at the event.

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Activities you can do with your child:

·  Go outside and look for shadows.

·  Read a book about animals.

·  Look for things that are red.

·  Make a bag puppet of a character from a book.

·  Find things around the house that begin with the letter “M”.

·  Make and send homemade cards.

·  Take your child for a walk and look for flowers.

·  Read a story to your child and ask what was their favorite part and why.

·  Count all the doors and windows in your house.

·  Play a board game or card game with your child.

·  Sing the “ABC” song.

·  Help your child locate pictures of objects in two sizes.

·  Read a story to your child and the let your child “read” it to you.


Suggested Books for Four and Five Year Olds:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone

When You go to Kindergarten by James Howe

Hello School: A Classroom of Poems by Dee Lillegard

Peter’s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats

Big Dog, Little Dog by P.D. Eastman

A couple of my favorites are:

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

Big and Little: A book of Opposites by Richard Scarry