Invite your child to think and solve problems.


Collect materials, which encourage thinking and problem solving.

      Shoe and Sock

      Flowers and Vase

      Cup and Saucer

      Hammer and Nail

      Baseball and Bat

      Comb and Brush

      Baby, Boy and Man

      Planting flower seeds, Flowers growing, and Picking flowers


Involve your child in discovering things that go together.

      Place the real objects you have collected on a table or on the floor.

      Make sure the objects that go together are separated from each other.

      Ask your child to find the two objects that go together.

      Invite your child to tell you why the two objects go together.

      Lay the picture cards of things that go together face up on the table or floor. Make sure pictures that go together are seperated from each other.

      Ask your child to find the two pictures that go together and tell you what they do.


Play pattern games with your child.

      Step, step, jump- step, step, jump (take two steps forward, then jump)

      Clap, clap, pat clap, clap, pat (clap your hands twice, pat your knees once)

      With eating utensils: fork, spoon, fork, spoon

      With colored counting bears: red, yellow, red, yellow.


Involve your child in putting pictures in order.


Additional Ideas:

Make and purchase puzzles for your child to complete. Cut up greeting cards or the front of a cereal box in a puzzle like shape. Give your child the cut-up pieces to fit back together. Cut up a vinyl placemat in puzzle-like shapes. Use placemats with designs. Give your child a cut-up placemat to fit the pieces back together. Store the puzzle pieces in zip lock bags. Purchase puzzles at dollar and discount stores and at garage sales.


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Activities you can do with your child:

  Find things that begin with the letter S.

  Make a paper chain using 3 colors and help your child start a color pattern. Use completed chain as a decoration in your room.

  Go to the grocery store. Pick out fruits and vegetables and have your child name the colors.

  Look for things that are white all week.

  Practice counting from 1 to 15.

  Plant flower seeds in a pot or in the ground.

  Make a picnic lunch and eat with your child outside.

  Read a picture book by making up stories to go along with the pictures.

  Have your child help to fold clothes and count how many you folded.

  Start a nursery rhyme and have your child finish it.

  Practice your phone number and address.

  Go outside and ride your bike.

  Read a story to your child. Point to each word as you read it.

  Draw a picture of fun things to do during your summer.

  Find words that rhyme with stop.

  Count groups of ten using cereal like Cheerios.


Books suggestions for four & five year olds:

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kraus

If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff