Make “Going to Kindergarten”
Plans With Your Child




Support your child’s independence.


q       Make and “I Did It Myself” poster for your refrigerator or for your child’s room. Celebrate all of the things that your child has learned to do on his or

  her own by writing those things on the chart. Here are some examples:

ü      Put on my shoes

ü      Brush my teeth

ü      Button my shirt

ü      Zip my backpack

ü      Ride my tricycle



Practice going to kindergarten.

q       Begin to gather school supplies for your child.

q       Play school with your child. Take turns being the teacher. Ride in the bus or car, read stories, sing songs, draw pictures, play outdoors, eat lunch, and play a game.

q       Eat a meal on trays with your child. Encourage your child to carry their own tray to the table and return the tray to the kitchen after the meal.  Eat a meal from lunch boxes and bags.  Show your child what can be thrown away after eating and what should be brought back home.

q       Pretend to take your child to school.  With your child, think of lots of ways to say goodbye. Decide how you will say goodbye to each other on the first day of kindergarten.


Visits your child’s school and preview school activities.

q       Attend your school’s family open house or “meet the teacher day”. Here are some things to do when you visit:

ü      Explore the classroom. Look at the books and materials, find out where the children store backpacks and hang coats.

ü      Find out about the daily schedule for your child’s class. For example, when do they have story time, lunch, outdoor play and rest time?

ü      Locate the restrooms and the water fountains.

ü      Look for the cafeteria, the playground, the principal’s office, the nurse’s office, media center and other special features of your school.



Maintain predictable family routines.

q       Establish a regular bedtime for your child. We are healthier when we go to bed and wake up at about the same time everyday.

ü      Be prepared for your morning “before school” time. Getting everyone up and off to school can be hectic. Planning can eliminate some of those morning hassles.

ü      Designate a place to collect things that need to go to school.

ü      Before bedtime, talk with your child about what clothes he or she will wear tomorrow. Be sure that everything is ready.

ü      Have pleasant conversations with your child on the way to school or as you wait for the bus.



Additional Ideas:

Create a school prop box. Gather items that can be used to play school and put them in a special decorated box – such as a shoebox or a clean laundry detergent box. Items for your school prop box might include paper, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, watercolor paints, books, a ball, a lunch bag, or index cards with the names of family members and friends written on them. Use the school prop box when you and your child play school together.


Websites for more information:


Activities you can do with your child:

·  Draw a picture of your new school.

·  Practice writing your name and identifying each letter.

·  Look for things that begin with “P”. Point out the letter “P” in print.

·  Draw a picture using your three favorite colors.

·  Practice skipping, galloping, and marching.

·  Put magnetic numbers in order from 1 to 15.

·  Find words that rhyme with “me”.

·  Pretend it is the first day of school. Practice ways to say goodbye.

·  Practice bouncing a ball. Count the number of bounces.

·  Use addition and subtraction words like “I have one cookie and you have two cookies. That

makes three cookies”.

·   Begin to organize what your child will need for the first day of school.

·   Read a book about going to school and ask your child to retell the story.

·   Put together a puzzle with your child.

·   Practice phone number and address with your child.

·   Ask your child to tell you their favorite part about school.


Books suggestions for four & five year olds:

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Franklin Goes to School by Paulette Bourgeois

Off to School, Baby Duck by Amy Hest

Timothy Goes to School by Rosemary Wells

Will I Have a Friend? by Miriam Cohen