How Do I Know if My Child is Ready?

  Schools use the childs birth date to decide when they will enter school. In Iowa, if a child is five on or before September 15, they are eligible for school. Children develop at their own rate. Abilities and skills can develop unevenly, even in the same child. For example, one child may talk early and walk later, while another child the same age may walk early and talk later. There is no magic date when children are ready. Helping your child do some of the things listed in this series of articles will make adjusting to school easier.


Text Box: Children who have an easier adjustment to school
	Can communicate their needs, wants and thoughts;
	Can take turns and share;
	Are enthusiastic and curious; and
	Can sit still and play attention for short periods of time.


Text Box: In Iowa, you will need the following to enroll your child in school:

	A birth certificate showing your child turns five on or before September 15

	Diptheria -Tetanus-Pertussis (DPT or DTaP) 3 doses required, at least one dose one or after age 4.

	Polio - 3 doses required at least one dose on or after age 4

	Measles/Rubella - 2 doses required if enrolled after July 3, 1994
            1 dose required if enrolled before July 3, 1994
            This dose shall be received on or after 12 months of age.

	Hepatitis B - 3 doses required if born on or after July 1, 1994

	Varicella - 1 dose if born on or after September 15, 1997, or 
            had a reliable history of natural disease.