How Do Schools Find Out About Children’s Readiness?



Parents are important.  You know your child better than anyone else.  You know important things about them; such as the kinds of experiences they have had starting school, what their health is like, and what your family is like.  Every child begins school with and indivdual mix of things they know and experiences they have had.  All children learn in different ways.  Sharing information about your child can help teachers and others at school know how best to teach them.


What Should We Do To Prepare For School?


Here are some tips that will help your family have a good kindergarten experience:


Before school starts:


Find out what school the children from your neighborhood attend.


Visit the school.









When school starts:





During the school year:




School readiness is a complex process.  By following the suggestions in this series you can help your child get a good start in school, and build a foundation for learning that will last throughout their school years.