Let Your Child use School Tools such as Pencils, Markers, Crayons, and Scissors.
Gather and organize materials for drawing, writing, and cutting.

v     Help your child select a storage container for drawing and writing materials.  Help decorate and label it – for example, “Alyson’s Drawing and Writing Box.”

v     Decide on some simple rules for your child for using the drawing and writing materials- for example, “Markers may be used at the kitchen table or outdoors.” or “Scissors are for cutting paper.”


Encourage your child to explore with drawing materials.

v     Suggest that your child draw pictures in different places.

·        In the kitchen while you prepare dinner

·        In the park while you enjoy the beautiful day

v     Draw pictures with your child about family events and experiences.

v     Talk with your child about the pictures and decide on a place to display your favorites.  Choose a picture to attach to the “Memories” page.


Let your child see that written words are a part of daily life.

v     Make a grocery-shopping list together.

v     Clearly label your child’s belongings with their name.

v     Encourage your child to use the materials in the drawing and writing box if he or she is interested in writing.


Support your child as he or she practices using scissors.

v     Designate appropriate places for your child to use scissors and discuss safety rules.

v     Be sure that your child knows how to hold the scissors, how to open and close the blades, and how to hold the paper.

v     Encourage your child to snip play dough snakes and soda straws into little pieces.

v     Provide strips of construction paper and cards from junk mail for your child to snip.


Additional Ideas: Outdoors, allow your child to draw and write with chalk on the sidewalk.  Draw in dirt or sand with a stick.  Use small brushes to draw with water on the sidewalk.  Make large play dough pancakes.  Encourage your child to write or draw on the pancakes with pencils or craft sticks.


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Activities you can do with your child:


·  Read your child’s favorite book to them.

·  For a week, look for things that are the color orange.

·  Remember to list all the books you are reading on a list.

·  Decorate an old shoebox to store drawing and writing materials and supplies.

·  While outdoors allow your child to draw on the sidewalk with chalk.

·  Go with your child to buy writing and drawing supplies for the supply box.

·  Cut shapes out of paper to make a picture.

·  Write the names of family members and help your child find the names.

·  Take your child for a walk and collect leaves.

·  Show your child how to write their name using upper and lower case letters.

·  Talk about the current season and have your child draw a picture of something special from that season.

·  Write a note to a relative or friend with your child.

·  Sort of count things like socks, canned soups, buttons, etc.

·  Say a word to your child and ask them to say words that rhyme.

·  Find food items or animals that begin with the same letter as your child’s first name.

·  Read your child a story and have them act it out using a sock puppet.

·  Look at the pictures in a book before reading it to your child.

·  Sort coins into groups by color or size.

·  Make a grocery-shopping list together.


Suggested Books for Four and Five Year Olds

A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

My Hands by Aliki

Animalia by Graeme Base

My Name is Alice by Jane Bayer

Sound Box Series by Jane Belk Moncure