Introduce your Child to Numbers

and Counting.



Collect a variety of materials your child may use for counting and for learning  about numbers.



Use number words and point out written numerals as you and your child do things together.




Involve your child in number and counting activities.


Read, tell stories, sing songs and say nursery rhymes about numbers and counting with your child.





Additional Ideas: Ask your child to looks for numbers in your home. Your child may see numbers on the telephone, in the telephone directory, on a clock, on the mailbox, or house, on the keyboard of your computer, and in sale advertisements in the newspaper.

Play “I Spy Numbers” as you and your child go places by car or take a walk in your neighborhood. Your child may see numbers on auto license plates, mailboxes, house numbers, and signs with gasoline prices.


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Activities you can do with your child:

·  Look for things that are blue this week.

·  Play “Simon Says.”

·  Using a newspaper article, circle letters that begin with the first letter of your child’s first name.

·  Read two books today.

·  Go to the library.

·  Make a sand castle with your child.

·  Have your child turn the pages as you read a story.

·  Sing some of your child’s favorite songs, like “This Old Man” or “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat”.

·  Play counting games like “How many windows are in this room?”

·  Help your child to make their favorite sandwich.

·  Continue teaching your child their phone number and address.

·  Cut the tops off carrots. Put them in water and watch them grow.

·  Recite nursery rhymes.

·  Find things around the house that begin with the letter “C”.

·  Play “dress up” and “make believe” with your child.

·  Play “I Spy”.

·  Act out a favorite part of a story. Use puppets, dolls, or stuffed animals.

·  Ask your child to make a castle with building blocks.


Suggested Books for Four and Five Year Olds:

Toot and Puddle: Puddle’s ABC by Holly Hobbie

Fish Eyes- A Book You Can Count On by Lois Ehlert

Mouse Count by Ellen Stohl Walsh

Count by Denise Fleming

This Old Man by Pam Adams

Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten by Jutta Langreuter

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! By Nancy Carlson