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MH/DD – Targeted Case Management Advisory Board Meeting

January 24, 2008


Tama County MH/DD Advisory meeting was held at the Tama County CPC Building Toledo, Iowa on January 25, 2008 at 7:00pm.


PRESENT WERE: Jim Dinsdale, Gary Mattson, Tammy Weiss, Pat Rzepney, Todd Rickert and Tammy Wise.


CALL TO ORDER: President Gary Mattson called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm


MINUTES:  September 6, 2007 approved – no changes  


Introductions:  Pat Rzepny- Pat is with AEA267.  She joined their team in Aug. of 2007.  Tammy Weiss- Tammy is a provider of CDAC services and lives in Toledo.


Agenda Items(s):


New Members:  Jim Dinsdale made a motion and Gary Matson seconded the motion to accept Tammy Weiss as a community member and Pat Rzepney as an Education member to the board.


Member term: Jackie Gray has served on the board for many years and will not be continuing on with the Board.  Jackie has been a great asset to the MH/DD Board and also the Tama County CPC Office.  Jim Dinsdale made a motion and Gary Matson seconded the motion to remove Jackie Gray from the Board. 


Review Budget Amendments:  In January we requested an amendment of $515,266.00 to our FY2007 budget.  We adjusted due to revenues.


Update on current Budget: Updated information was shared for the MH/DD fund balance at years end.


Goal updates:  Goal #2- Tama County will work to decrease the number of Mental Health Committals by June 30, 2009.  In December 2007 there was a meeting.  Present including Todd and Tammy were Bill Barker (Director of Mental Health Clinic of Tama County), Dennis Kuchera (Tama County Sheriff), Fred Haynes (Tama County Mental Health Advocate), and Richard Vander May (Assistant Tama County Attorney).  Everyone shared their frustrations and offered suggestions to assist in the committal process to make it more efficient and easier on the person being committed.  Concerns were: Hospital wait times, transporting when committal will return to hospital, number of committals in Tama County, number of Substance verses Mental Health committal’s, voluntary or involuntary,  Mental Health Clinic being more involved.  

Local Community Organizations: Discussion was held about contacting local organizations in order to meet and let their members know who we are.



TCM DHS Audit:  Conversation in regards to the audit and payback for the state was held.  Concerns were shared about providing quality services and the costs of these audits.



Referrals: At this time we have approximately 4-5 new referrals.


PIP: Goal #1- Tama Case Management would like to ensure that qualities of Case Management services are being provided by the agency and client files are current and have required documentation in them. Todd and Tammy will be doing onsite visits with providers to make sure goals are being addressed.  This is and ongoing goal.







May 22, 2008 at the Tama County CPC Office, 211 W. State St., Toledo, IA 52342


ADJOURNMENT: 8:15 pm Jim Dinsdale moved to adjourn the meeting.  Gary seconded the motion.  Motion carried.




Tammy Wise

MH/DD Advisory Board Secretary






NEXT MEETING IS   May 22, 2008