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Chris Behrens
Chris Behrens

Chris Behrens of rural Clutier began work in May of 2021 as the Tama County Environmental Health Officer. Behrens, a Tama County native, is an engineer with Waterloo Fire Rescue. He and his wife Andrea live in east central Tama County and have three children. He was interested in the position because of a love of outdoors and environmental conservation. The on-call nature of his work as a fireman allows him to remain flexible and accessible to contractors and property owners with septic system design and installation during construction season.

Behrens will work to make sure site analysis and soil sampling is completed with septic system installations to make sure the system is the best fit for the environment around it and not posing a hazard to waterways.

Behrens suggests regular preventative maintenance on septic systems such as regular pumping and cleaning of filters can do a lot to help systems work longer and be more efficient.

If you are planning to install a septic system, sell a house with a septic system, need a well tested, have a nuisance issue or need a radon kit, contact Chris at 641-484-4788.




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